Business Offerings

Intellipop can provide your business with dependable internet services. In today's modern world, every minute of downtime costs your business money and productivity. With our service level agreements, you can rest easy knowing your business is on our secure and reliable network.

Looking for a backup solution? Intellipop can cover larger businesses with our Metro Ethernet Redundant services - virtually guaranteeing your business will never be without internet. Our network is on a separate circuit than most other hard wired ISP's in the area and we can even load balance with our services to keep your data rates down with your primary provider.

The sky is the limit with Intellipop - contact us today for a custom quote for your business!

Multi Dwelling Residential Units (MDU’s)

Are you a property owner looking for a cost efficient way to provide internet access to your tenants? Intellipop has a solution for you!

We specialize in wireless and wired networks - meaning we can connect your building to our wireless network, then provide bandwidth to each tenant via Ethernet connection. We have direct peering with Netflix, Youtube and many other content providers which will allow your tenants to stream HD content with ease.

We can work with any size MDU from 2 unit duplex townhomes to 100+ unit HOA properties. Your tenants will be in good hands with our internet service and we can build a custom package for your building. Fill out the form below to have one of our sales representatives will contact you.