Content Filtering and Online Child Safety

Intellipop Internet Services does not directly filter, block or censor any content on the internet. However, you may find the need to filter or block content on the internet in order to provide a safe and secure internet experience for your family. Content filtering can be done many ways, but Intellipop recommends using 3rd party services in addition to taking extra steps with your home network in order to provide a safe internet experience.

Intellipop does not provide support on the installation, configurating or maintenance on these changes to your home network. 

Content filtering services

Intellipop recommends the following 3rd party services for home network filtering. Intellipop cannot guarantee the quality or content block from these services.

Clean Router

Clean Router ( is a subscription based service that replaces your existing home WiFi router with a device that you can configure to tailor to your family’s individual needs.  This service has been recommended to us by several of our customers who find it adequete for their needs. For more information please visit their website.

Open DNS

Open DNS ( is a free or subscription based service that uses your existing home networking equipment to filter content by replacing your existing DNS Server.

A helpful link on how to set up an Open DNS system on your home network can be found here.

Blocking Specific Websites

You can block individual websites or groups of websites by utilizing your home router or your PC settings.

For steps on how to do this please refer to this guide.

Additional Steps

  • Software such as MalwareBytes can help prevent harmful software gaining access to your home network.
  • Be careful. Do not trust any e-mail attachments or “pop-ups” claiming to be Intellipop or someone you know. This can easily be spoofed with public data to trick you into giving up private information. Do not give your private information to anyone unless you are certain they can be trusted and verified.
  • Keep family computers in an open area to minimize harmful content reaching your children and to keep an eye on internet activities.
  • Have open conversations about usage of the internet. The internet is an amazing resource with the world’s information at your finger tips, but it can also be used for harmful purposes by others with poor intentions. Talking about online activities with your family can help everyone know what is good or harmful on the internet.