To our internet service customers,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Intellipop! We are primarily a wireless internet service provider and our focus is to provide our customers a reliable, local option for internet service. The founders of Intellipop came together with a single vision: to optimize content streaming and network efficiency so that our customers will have the best possible internet experience.

As of January 1st 2015, Intellipop will be providing your internet services. Your current internet service plan and monthly bill will remain unchanged as a customer of Intellipop. As part of the migration to Intellipop we have peered our network directly with Netflix, Youtube and other content providers to greatly enhance your internet experience.

To minimize the inconvenience this may cause, customers paying via credit card will need to take no action. Please note that from January 1st and forward your credit card statement will reflect “Intellipop, LLC” for your monthly service charge. Customers that are paying via check will be contacted by Intellipop over the next few weeks and provided with updated payment remittance information.

Please update your bookmarks as your new account will now be accessible from

To reach Customer Care and Technical Support call: (801) 851-1770

Please feel free to contact the new owners directly at if you have any questions or concerns during this process and we will work directly with you to ensure this transition is as easy for you as possible.

Thank you for your support and dedication while we work to build a better network.


Aaron Hildreth & Mathew Perkins

Intellipop Management

(801) 851-1770